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Introductory Hebrew

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As a warning, I have put up pictures of the book covers to give you somewhat an idea of the style of each book (I know, I know. "Don't judge a book by its cover") so the pages may load slowly.

The Hebrew Letters Tell Their Story

(Reudor Doodle Family)
The Hebrew Alef Bet letters meet the Doodle Family in a wonderfully animated, full color adventure where pooches fly and camels water ski. Each illustrated page has an unforgettable rhyme which children will love learning and repeating.

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Agnon's Alef Bet : Poems
Agnon's Alef Bet : Poems
These twenty-two classic poems, written by Novel Laureate S.Y. Agnon, are now available for the first time in English in this beautiful collection. Agnon's creation of a witty poem for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is destined to be a children's classic, evoking the rich imagery of the Bible and ancient Israel.

Goodnight My Friend Aleph
A charming, delightfully illustrated book, designed to lull your little one to sleep while teaching Aleph- "Basics." As he says "goodnight" to all of his friends - from Eliezer Avraham Esrog to Tanchum Torah - he is introduced to the essential objects in a Jewish child's life. Contains a glossary and the "Shema" in Hebrew and English.

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Alef Bet Word Book:
A Pictorial Hebrew-English Dictionary for Children
Children learn by seeing, and every page in this book has an exciting scene with all sorts of objects, each one clearly labeled in Hebrew and English over 500 words in all. It's a book your children will love! By Shmuel Blitz. Illustrated in full color by Liat Benyaminy Ariel. Large format 8-1/2"x11" page size.

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My First 100 Hebrew Words
My First 100 Hebrew Words :
A Young Person's Dictionary of Judaism
This colorful picture dictionary includes one hundred Hebrew words and concepts, from Adonai to Zemirot, that define the Jewish religious experience for young readers. What makes this volume unique is its exploration of essential Jewish concepts, observances, and celebrations. Each entry includes the Hebrew term, transliteration, definition, and a full-color illustration.

The First Thousand Words in Hebrew
This book is for everyone who is starting to learn Hebrew. By looking at the pictures, it will be easy to read and learn the words underneath each one. And seeing them in a scene where you would expect to find them will help you to remember them.

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Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary
The Let's Learn Hebrew Picture Dictionary, is a delightful, educationally sound picture book of more than 1,550 words children learn in beginning Hebrew classes. Presents pictorial definitions, accompanied by English and Hebrew text, under such categories as "Our house," "Our classroom," "At the supermarket," "In the ocean," and others.

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For older children
Designs for Coloring the Hebrew Alphabet
Ruth Heller's Designs for Coloring the Hebrew Alphabet
Even the youngest child can learn the Hebrew alphabet with this unique coloring book that features great big alphabet letters, their numerical equivalents, and a pronunciation guide based on familiar Hebrew words.

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My Hebrew Dinosaurus :
To Read and Color
An Alef-Bet with a prehistoric twist! From Abbasaurus (daddy dinosaur) through Tayarasaurus (tourist), this dinosaur romp through the Hebrew alphabet, set in Israel, will delight young and old. With glossary and pictures to color.

Alef Bet Fun
A guide, with exercises and games, for learning the names and sequence of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet.

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Ta-Poo-Ach Means Apple
Captioned illustrations introduce the letters of the Hebrew alphabet and common Hebrew words, from ta-poo-ach (apple) to ra-keh-vet (train)

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The Jewish Kids' Hebrew-English Wordbook
Here are the Hebrew words a Jewish kid needs to know...a book full of useful Hebrew words and phrases. This book offers kids a new and enjoyable way to learn Hebrew. Using full-color illustrations of such familiar scenes as a summer camp, a synagogue, a kibbutz, and an Israeli town, award-winning author Chaya Burstein takes children on a fun-filled tour of familiar American and Israeli settings, teaching them about the Jewish holidays and customs.

Since each word is highlighted in English and Hebrew, with Hebrew transliterations, it's easy for young readers to recognize and absorb each new word. In addition, children will love searching for Kofee, the playful monkey, who hides within each page. The Jewish Kids' Hebrew-English Wordbook is great at home, where kids and their parents can learn together, or in the classroom.

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The Aleph-Bet Story Book
A JPS children's classic. These appealing stories bring life and character to several letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Do you know how Dalet helped Adam build his home? Do you know how Vav assisted in the Exodus from Egypt?

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The Stuffed Aleph:
A Family Coloring Book
This light-hearted book promises family fun with games, puzzles, pictures to color, and jokes and puns to make learning the aleph-bet a laughing matter. It's the perfect diversion for a rainy afternoon or any time you want a good laugh.

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Jewish Artwork by Esky:
Children, Borders, Hebrew Alphabets
(Vol. 2)
Graphics include: Tzedakah, Mezuzot, Children's Hebrew Blocks, Siddurim, Smiling Torah, Children in School, Hebrew "Letter People", and more!

There exists today a seriously unfulfilled need for creative tools in Jewish Education, particularly for well made and effective illustrations of Chinuch objects and concepts. We are grateful to Mrs. Esky Cook for her devoted efforts to meet this need. Blessed by Hashem with quite extraordinary talent, she has dedicated this gift to the service of Hashem and the educational needs of the Jewish people. This devotion and these efforts have produced a series of books that depict Mitzvos and Midos Tovos in vivid and eye catching illustrations that will surely be of benefit to teachers and parents alike in the elevation of students and children of all ages.

It is with great pleasure and anticipation that I recommend this series of reproducible artwork by the supremely talented Esky Cook. Esky has completed the monumental task of culling an exhaustive collection of wonderful clip-art, reflecting pure Torah values and child pleasing charm. The response of teachers, students and parents to this series is sure to be uniformly enthusiastic with people clamoring for more. All of us who are dedicated to providing our children with the finest learning materials possible to enhance their love of Limudei Kodesh and Midos Tovos are deeply in her debt.

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