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These books are collections of stories about all Jewish holidays. For books on specific holidays (Hanukkah, Shabbat, Purim, Passover, Rosh Hashanah, etc.), go to the pages for the specific holidays. The list is on the frame on the left.

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Children's Book of Jewish Holidays (Artscroll)

By David A. Adler
This book combines an award-winning author, a brilliant illustrator, and the Jewish calendar. The pages of this book offer an enjoyable, instructive and interesting grand tour of the Jewish year. It's a pleasure of which no child should be deprived.

Description from Publisher

10 Great Jewish Children's Stories

By Chaya Burnstein
Double-spread Shabbat and Holiday stories with simple "Do You Know That..." facts at the end of each story. The illustrations have hidden holiday items scattered throughout the pictures. Children use the magnifying glass attached to the front of the shrink-wrapped cover to find the hidden items.

This is the only Jewish Holiday title featuring an attached magnifying glass that helps the children recognize and discover Jewish Holiday objects.

Description from Publisher

Ten Holiday Jewish Children's Stories

By Barbara Goldin
Ten stories, each related to a historical event or a tradition (blowing the shofar, sleeping in the sukkah, etc.) that springs from a Jewish holiday, are included in this spirited collection. With many quotes, simple language, and some large, double-spread pictures just right for showing to small groups, the collection is a natural for storytellers. Several of the tales are framed in a dialogue between a loving grandmother and her grandchildren, and humor is sometimes an ingredient: the people in "Wake up and Beat the Drums" could live in Chelm. But Goldin gives each tale a deeper meaning, which she reinforces with questions at the end of the tales. The questions will help listeners think about the message in the story and how it relates to their own Jewish lives.

Description from Booklist

Using both original stories and classics gleaned from Rabbinic and Talmudic lore, the author has chosen tales that express the meaning of all the major Jewish holidays. At the end of each story there is a "Now Consider This" section designed to help the child and parent explore the moral message integrated into each tale.

Description from Publisher

In the Synagogue

(Board Book)

By Rox Shanzer
Hear the shofar...
Smell the etrog...
Touch the Torah...

The Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Purim, and Shabbat as experienced by children using their five senses.

The Animated Jewish Year

By Danny Wool and Yefim (Chaim) Yudin
Spend a year with Max and Marcy as they explore the Jewish calendar in this innovative book. Rich in content, fun and entertaining, The Animated Jewish Year brings alive the rhythm of the Jewish months, with a broad appeal that every family can enjoy.

Through Max and Marcy's questions, answers and humor, together with a selection of original and traditional stories, the two children learn about their holidays and customs. Illustrated with clay characters, The Animated Jewish Year is an exciting way to get better acquainted with the history, ideas and practices that makes the holidays a more meaningful experience.

Description from Publisher

Poems for Jewish Holidays

By Myra Cohn Livingston
Sixteen poems celebrate 12 Jewish holidays. The poems vary from the traditional ``Had Gadya'' taken from the Passover Haggadah, to the more playful, contemporary ``First Night of Hanukkah'' by Ruth Rosten and the more sensitive and moving ``Tisha B'Av,'' by Meyer Hahn, which commemorates a Jewish day of mourning. Several of the poems were commisioned for this volume, and therefore do not appear anywhere else. Images effectively convey the moods of different holidays. However, it is Bloom's black-and-white illustrations that make this a truly distinguished book. Each of the ten full-page charcoal paintings captures the different aspects of the Jewish experience while keeping with the spirit of the poem. ``Tu Bi-Shevat,'' the Jewish Arbor Day, is accompanied by a picture of the pioneers cultivating their land in Palestine, the light shining through the clouds representing the hope they felt despite adversity. The poem for ``Simhat Torah,'' a joyous holiday, appears in a circle; the illustration shows a modern Chasidic circle dance in which the characters fairly leap off the page. Fine poetry and moving illustrations combine to make this an excellent choice to fill a void in collections serving Jewish patrons.

Description from School Library Journal
A Child's First Book of Jewish Holidays
A Child's First Book of Jewish Holidays
This thoroughly engaging introduction to the major Jewish holidays by the creators of The Jewish Childs First Book of Why will delight children ages three to six. Bright and colorful illustrations add fun and excitement to each holiday presentation

Celebrate! Stories of the Jewish Holidays
The Jewish holidays are called the "jewels in the crown" of the Jewish year. This jewel of a collection by respected author Gilda Berger is a celebration of Jewish traditions, including Bible stories, time lines, recipes, crafts, and commentaries on the holidays. Each chapter covers one Jewish holiday, with a retelling of a related story from the Bible, followed by sections called "What We Celebrate," "How We Celebrate," and "Crafts and Food." A time line in each chapter places the origins of that holiday in its historical context, and a map of the Middle East and a complete index are also included. Glowing paintings by Peter Catalanotto introduce and follow each Bible story. The crafts and recipes are written with careful, simple directions, illustrated with clear diagrams when appropriate. Children (with a little help from an adult) can make a homemade dreidel or menorah, stir up a batch of latkes or cheese blintzes, or create Purim puppets with the directions given here. The author's goal in writing this book was to create one source that could be used by families throughout the year at each Jewish holiday. A superb choice for Jewish families or anyone interested in learning more about these ancient traditions.

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Dance, Sing, Remember :
A Celebration of a Jewish Holidays
Do you know what holiday to sound the shofar for? Or when to build a sukkah?

Now you can learn, in this celebration of eleven Jewish holidays, from Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, to Shavuot, the accepting of the Torah. There's even a section on Shabbat, the Sabbath. The meaning and story behind each holiday are explained. There are also activities, music, and recipes for adults and children to work on together.

Leslie Kimmelman has created a timeless Jewish treasury, and Ora Eitan's rich, stylized art perfectly captures the mood of each celebration.

Open the pages and discover that a whole year of Jewish holidays is beginning!

Description from Publisher

Bedtime Stories of Jewish Holidays

By Shmuel Blitz
The holidays are fascinating times in a Jewish household. A great story can make them even more captivating. Especially when they are presented as beautifully as these.

Stories are often the best tool. What can be more enjoyable than a good story, and what can be more effective than such a story with a moral subtly woven into it?

Such are the stories in this new offering from the pen of Shmuel Blitz, illustrated by the brush of Liat Binyamini Ariel, whose collaboration began with the best-selling Treasury of Jewish Bedtime Stories.

In this new, beautifully illustrated collection, Shmuel Blitz tells many stories with a message. Some are familiar. Some are original. All are adapted for a child’s interest.

Many of these stories are familiar from generations ago. Here they are crafted to grab a child’s wide-eyed attention and keep him or her asking to hear them and feast on their illustrations again and again. The sturdy, child-resistant binding guarantees many days and nights of enjoyable, beneficial use.

Put this book with your child’s favorites, and watch the virtues flow.

Description from Publisher

Special Days Are Wonderful:
A Guessing Game Book

By Miriam L. Elias
Yakov and Rena are always looking forward to the next Yom Tov. As the seasons change they happily celebrate Rosh Hashonah, Succos, Chanukah, Purim, Pesach, Shavuos. What will they need for each holiday? With this colorful open and flap book, your pre-schooler can play a unique guessing game.

Description from Publisher

A guessing game book by Miriam L. Elias with pictures by Tova Leff and published by Hachai publishing has a very unique twist. Two children go through the year of holidays trying to guess what they will need for each upcoming Yom Tov. The child reads the left handed page describing the Yom Tov and the right hand page has a selection of items, one of which fits into the Yom-Tov. That's where the twist comes in. The page unfolds to show the correct item and exactly how it fits in. This book is great fun and teaching all in one.

Description from Jewish Press

This "Guessing Game Book" is the perfect interactive way to help preschoolers recognize the symbols of each major holiday. The listener guesses the correct symbol to match holiday clues like, "...Rena can be Queen Esther. What will Rena need?" and opens a flap to confirm that the answer is the crown, not the prayer shawl, yarmulke, or shoes. With young Rena and Yakov taking turns on each overleaf, a la Paul and Judy in the classic Pat the Bunny, this book is sure to become a favorite among Jewish youngsters.

Description from Amit Woman

This clever open-the-flap format is fascinating for the preschooler. Each page describes a Yom Tov and asks a question about what special object we use on each holiday. Three or four choices are pictured on the right flap that opens up to reveal a beautiful full color scene containing the answer. It's refreshing to have Jewish books that don't need to be revised and edited as you go along. You can read every word of this book and still keep a toddler's interest.

Description from N'shei Chabad Newsletter

The Jewish Holiday Book

(Board Book)

By Martin Lemelman
Brightly illustrated symbols in this wonderfully entertaining and exciting book help children celebrate the Jewish holidays.

Description from Publisher

A Jewish Holiday ABC

By Malka Drucker
Celebrate a full year of Jewish holidays in this alphabet book that introduces young children to the wealth of history and ritual surrounding Jewish traditions. An informative section detailing the origins and history of holiday observances, a glossary of holiday terms, and a pronunciation guide supplement the glowing text.

Description from Publisher

Vibrant collages by the illustrator of Annabelle and the Big Slide portray a straightforward series of objects and celebrations, including not only the usual observances but Yom Ha'atzna'ut, the Israeli Independence Day. The several children in one family provide continuity; some of the entries contain familiar facts (at Chanukah, Maxie eats latkes), but others contain words that will be new to many (when "Minnie eats lunch in the sukkah, she sniffs the sweet etrog and shakes the tall lulav"). Brief notes on the holidays and a glossary round out the informational value. Attractive and useful.

Description from Kirkus Reviews

My First Learn and Do Jewish Holiday Book

By Rifka Gootel
This fun-filled book teaches small children all about the Jewish holidays. "Hands-on" activities reinforce the customs we observe, the special foods we eat, and the blessings we recite. There is a Rosh Hashanah card to make, a sukkah to decorate, Hanukkah candles to light, a Purim mask to wear, an afikoman to find, and much, much more. Clear and simple language that beginning readers can read for themselves and non-readers will follow eagerly when the book is read aloud to them.

Description from Publisher

The Book of Jewish Holidays
An indispensable guide for Jewish children, this book examines all the holidays of the Jewish year, providing historical background as well as exploring the contemporary relevance of the festivals. Bursting with full-color photographs and lively illustrations, this volume is an enthusiastic and spirited introduction to the milestones that mark the Jewish year.

Description from Publisher
Good Yontif
Good Yontif : A Picture Book of the Jewish Year
A family's celebrations of the major holidays are depicted by a series of colorful and detailed stylized paintings, each holiday portrayed in two to four scenes. The only text accompanying the art is the name of the holiday printed in English and Hebrew. Clearly written notes at the back of the book explain the holidays and the symbols and activities shown in the illustrations.

from Horn Book

Mark Stark's Amazing Jewish Cookbook
Mark Stark's Amazing Jewish Cookbook is a delightful cookbook for the entire family. This hand-drawn volume includes recipes for traditional Jewish foods such as bagels, chicken soup and matzah balls, as well as holiday treats like potato latkes and Passover sponge cake. The user-friendly format of Mark Stark's Amazing Jewish Cookbook allows beginning cooks and seasoned chefs alike access to the world of traditional Jewish cooking. All recipes detail (1) how many people the recipe will serve; (2) what ingredients and tools are needed; and (3) the steps involved in making it.

Arranged by Jewish holiday-and accompanied by summaries of holiday customs and practices-these recipes make preparation for special events a fun and easy family activity.

Mark has also filled his cookbook with information any cook should know, such as safety tips, how to measure ingredients, and an "A-Z" glossary of cooking terms. The quick guide for cooking kosher foods is a useful and educational addition to this volume.

Whether this is a family's first or 50th Jewish culinary experience, this book provides all the tools necessary to create a seder plate for Passover, make perfect hamantashen for Purim-and many other memorable adventures.

Description from Publisher

Kindergarten Carousel

By Pnina Isseroff
Fold-out flaps fit together to form a free-standing carousel. The simple rhyme describes each Jewish Holiday scene in easy-to-understand language for young children. Fluff the cat shows the children what fun kindergarten can be.

Description from Publisher

Fun With Jewish Holiday Rhymes
This book introduces young children to the Jewish holidays and Shabbat through the recitation of playful rhymes and movement activities. Basic symbols, rituals, traditions, and concepts of each celebration are presented in verse and, in some instances, with body movements. Holidays include Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, Chanuka, Tu Bishvat, Purim, Passover, Lag Ba'omer, Shavuot, and Shabbat. In addition to building language skills and teaching Judaic symbols and concepts, the book also will help children learn to count, to add, and to subtract. Most importantly, these rhymes motivate children to learn with a smile. Parents, grandparents, siblings, and teachers, too, will enjoy reciting these verses with the little ones.

Description by publisher

The Energizing Jewish Holidays for Children
Complete information about the customs and laws of the Jewish holidays. Incldues hidden holiday symbols hidden throughout the illustrations to find.

Description from Publisher

My Calendar

By Amye Rosenberg
This fun Hebrew calendar book playfully presents the Jewish year and its special days. There's a charmingly illustrated page for each Hebrew month; children fill in the blanks by numbering the days and pasting on stickers for each Rosh Hodesh, Shabbat, and holiday. There's even an Adar Sheni page for leap years and room to enter everybody's Hebrew birthday.

Description from Publisher

Kids Love Jewish Holiday Crafts

By Tracey Agranoff
Full-color illustrations of both the crafters and the crafting processes decorate this oversized, spiral-bound activity book. The crafts are well organized by holiday and are clearly written with lists of both materials needed and procedural steps. Most projects call for easy-to-collect materials and the book's format is quite user-friendly. The spiral binding allows the open book to lie flat and the photographs show what the projects are supposed to look like upon completion. Religious schoolteachers and family crafters may find some basic crafts here to use as a starting point for creating interesting holiday art.

Description from Children's Literature

Kids Love Jewish Holiday Games

By Ron Isaacs
Contains games for every major Jewish Holiday. Full color throughout, with step-by-step instructions of how to play each game.

A section called Game Boards and Patterns at the end of the book contains the items that are needed to play many of the games.

Description from Publisher

Jewish Songs for Children

Arranged by Sharon Kaplan
Titles are:

Shavua Tov * V'taher Libeynu * Nigun * Ufaratza * Tapuchim Ud'vash * Lama Suka Zu * Chanukah * My Dreidl * Atzey Zeytim Omdim * Chag Purim * Oh, Once There Was a Wicked, Wicked Man * Ma Nishtanah * L'shana Haba'a * Dayenu * Yisrael V'oraita.

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