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The Beadle

By Shmuel Marcus
Children of shluchim contribute their share, from helping others follow the prayer service to visiting patients in hospitals with lulav and etrog in hand. In all sorts of activities, their input is inestimable.

This charming children's story, written from the perspective of a congregational rabbi's son, illustrates that even the youngest among us play a vital role in the community. Printed on glossy board.

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Hindy the Hen

By C. L. Grunfeld
Hindy and her nosy friend Shifra can't bear to miss anything happening on the farm. Pottering about, they learn a great deal concerning Jewish life.

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My Jewish World : An Early Childhood Music Curriculum

By Judy Caplan Ginsburgh
Music can be a wonderfully effective teaching tool for preschool aged children. My Jewish World guides teachers through the process of introducing and utilizing song in the classroom to teach Jewish values.

In her comprehensive and easy to follow book, Judy Caplan Ginsburgh includes twenty-six songs, religious and secular, that will help to facilitate an environment of fun and learning. Each song addresses important Jewish concepts and many use Hebrew words and prayers. Judy provides comments, activities, and creative ideas, specific for each song, which can be used in the classroom to learn about being Jewish every day. The importance of saying the Sh'ma each morning, learning the Hebrew words for colors, understanding body parts, and the value of cooperation are only some of the Jewish concepts touched on in the book.

In addition, Judy Ginsburgh includes a list of suggested books for many of the topics. These books help to reinforce and expand the lessons laid out in the curriculum.

With a helpful glossary of Hebrew and Yiddish terms and the companion music CD, My Jewish World is a wonderful guide to making music significant in the Jewish classroom.

Description from Publisher

This delightful early childhood music curriculum teaches daily rituals, both Jewish and everyday. The full-production recording features renowned children's artist Judy Caplan Ginsburgh presenting the songs in a fun format which will not tire teachers or parents and which kids will love. Includes activities and music.

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Children's Music CD also available

The Lost and Found Wallet

By Mayer Bendet
Finding a wallet with money inside is a big treat for David Friedman. But he finds out that the real treat comes from Hashavas Aveidah - returning lost objects to their owner.

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(Jewish Awareness Series)
Simple activities teach opportunities for tzedakah and kindness in the child's everyday world. A child's version of Maimonides' "ladder of tzedakah," a Keren Ami box to color and assemble, tzedakah puzzles, finger puppets, and games.

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Thank You Hashem
Offerings of thanks to God for light, bread, parents, and other wonderful things in life introduce the alphabet and words in the Hebrew language.

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A Thread of Kindness :
A Tzedakah Story
A poor farmer and his wife are blesses with six years of riches. What is their secret to making the six years last a lifetime? In this inspiring story of generosity, a thread of kindness stretches on forever.

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The Jewish Home Detectives
This beautifully illustrated volume teaches youngsters to identify the Jewish ritual objects around them.

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How Mitzvah Giraffe Got His Long, Long Neck

By David Sokoloff
An adorable book your children will turn to again and again!

Mitzvah Giraffe didn’t always have a long neck.

For that matter, his name wasn’t always Mitzvah Giraffe, either. His friends used to call him Mopey, because he was always moping around wherever he went.

Find out how some advice from an old goat—and a bit of excitement in the forest—ended up changing his name, his attitude, and his neck size!

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I'm Growing

By Daniel B. Syme & Howard I. Bogot
How do we know we're growing? By running faster, jumping higher, and learning new ways to understand and perform the important Jewish holiday activities depicted in this charming book.

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Tikun Olam :
Fixing the World
Mr. Mitzvoh Fixit, a good-natured handyman, tries to fix his dying friend, Dr. Mender. Discusses the Jewish tradition of doing mitzvohs, or good deeds.

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Tiny Treasures :
The Wonderful World of a Jewish Child

By Dina Herman Rosenfeld
A young girl shares her experience in the fun of doing different mitzvos. Each poem portrays another wonderful feeling this young girl gets from the mitzvot that surround her. Poems that will touch young and old with their beautiful content and rich meaning.

The poems describe cherished symbols of Jewish life, such as mitzvos, Shabbos candles, esrog, and mezuza.

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When I Fell into My Kiddush Cup

By Sashi Fridman
A boy falls into his kiddush cup and is transported to Kiddush Cup Land where he discovers all the sacred uses of wine in the Jewish religion.

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A Tree Full of Mitzvos
The littel maple tree loves to watch a nearby family doing mitzvos, but is disappointed that it can't join in. Helps children discover that helping others is a very important mitzvah.

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Ying-Ling Does Mitzvot

(Board Book)

By Neva Goldstein-Alpern
Ying-Ling Does Mitzvot aims to present episodes of Jewish life in a manner easily understood by young children. Ying-Ling is a Torah-observant baby panda and a lovable, cuddly childhood friend. Spend the day with Ying-Ling and his family in Ying-Ling Does Mitzvot -- a joyous way to share the daily mitzvot with your child.

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What Will the World Be Like?

By Adel Lebovics
Did you ever wonder what the future holds in store? Most people have, including young children who ask their parents probing questions. Jewish tradition has much to say about the era of Moshiach, and now a beautifully illustrated picture book provides these important answers for the very young.

Description from Publisher

What Will the World Be Like? is a conversation between young Sarah and her Abba (Father) about how the Messiah will herald an era free of strife, pain and war, among other fantastic changes. My five-year-old daughter especially likes the page showing Sarah and her father on a wagon carrying a single grape that is as large as a mountain: "The grapes will be so gigantic/That just for one grape alone/We'll need a great big wagon/To bring that enormous grape home!" Although the paradise described in this book is so unbelievable even my daughter was openly skeptical, the last page helpfully lists the biblical sources for all these blissful predictions. These days, it is so nice to be able to fantasize about a "happily ever after" that isn't a fairy tale!

Description from Amit Magazine

When you combine an author with imagination and an artist with a great deal of talent, the result can often be a very special book. ... The conversation is clever and informative and small children who are familiar with the desire and hope for the coming of the Messiah will find the book enjoyable and realistic. The book can also be a springboard for parents to explain the philosophy of those who prepare for the coming of the Messiah and what this concept means in Judaism. The book is charming and well written

Description from Jewish World News

Let's Do a Mitzvah!
As boys and girls develop moral awareness, they seek their own places as persons of dignity and worth. As educators, you are faced with the challenge of channeling their thoughts and activities into positive mitzvah responses. Let's Do a Mitzvah is intended to help you in this task.

Lets Do a Mitzvah consists of fourteen story and picture modules. The first five modules Introduce the concept of mitzvot. The last nine discuss specific mitzvot which are compatible with the needs of the modern preschool child. Each of the fourteen modules contains four specific features: the story, the paintings, "What Do You See?" questions, and "What Do You Think?" questions.

Description from Publisher

The Teeny Tiny Yarmulka

By Aydel Lebovics
A little girl searches in vain for a tiny yarmulke that will fit her doll. This captivating story with its charming illustrations and delightful rhyming style is ideal for pre-school and beginning readers

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Moshe Mendel the Mitzva Maven and the Wonderful World of Berachos

By Shiffy Apelbaum
A creative and inviting way for parents and children to enjoy together the beauty of learning about reciting blessings. Since a major part of our day is spent praising and thanking Hashem for the good He bestows upon us, it is vital for all parents to give their children the tools they need to say their berachos properly. Contains many delightful, colorful illustrations and engaging activities. In the back there is a section called Finding Out More for those who want to understand the finer points of the Halacha.

Description from Publisher

Moshe Mendel the Mitzva Maven and His Amazing Mitzva Quest

By Shiffy Apelbaum
A fun-filled, colorful, large-format book in which dozens of mitzvos are hidden among the detailed illustrations of familiar Jewish scenes.

Description from Publisher

Bagels from Benny

By Aubrey Davis
Benny loves to help out at his grandpa’s bakery in the morning, and the customers love the crusty bagels with their soft insides. When Grandpa explains to Benny that God, not him, should be thanked for the wonderful bagels, Benny sets out to do just that. He decides to leave God a bagful of bagels in the synagogue at the end of each week. And each week God eats the bagels — or so Benny thinks …

Lovingly told, Bagels from Benny explores the values of caring and sharing, building a strong sense of community and finding joy in giving thanks.

Description from Publisher

Seven Delightful Stories for Every Day

By Dov Peretz Elkins
Short, fully illustrated stories that make children feel good about themselves. The "Thinking Thoughts" section at the end of each story helps the child relate the moral message to their everyday life.

Stories by theme:
  • Kindness
  • Attitude
  • Responsibility
  • Modesty
  • Patience
  • Hospitality
  • Respect

    Description from Publisher

    The author blends together bits of truths from the Jewish Torah and tells stories that depict the seven virtues of kindness, responsibility, patience, respect, attitude, hospitality and modesty. All three picture books in this series—Seven Animals Wag Their Tales, and Seven Animal Stories for Children being the other two—focus on seven different, but similar, virtuous themes—and these are age-appropriate at almost every level. Large-sized text and brightly colored spot art decorate the pages that tell about both the Jewish traditions and cultures, first of long ago, and then of today. An additional double-page illustration separates one story from the next. These large, full-color two-page spreads delight the eye and captivate attention, allowing the reader to "breathe" and to ponder the story—not necessarily the questions—before going on to the next.

    Description from Children's Literature
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