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My Very Own Jewish Calendar 5763 (2002-2003)

By Judyth Groner and Madeline Wikler
Attractive, amusing, and informative, this 16-month wall calendar offers ample space for daily reminders, and features all-new facts, photographs, recipes, and trivia each year (September 2002 - December 2003).

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I Am Jewish American
(Our American Family)

By Elizabeth Weitzman
Rachel, a young girl living in Chicago, offers her perspective on the history, beliefs, and life style of her Jewish American community. In one-page chapters she touches on the reasons her grandmother's family left Eastern Europe, their journey to America, and their adjustment to a new land. She introduces topics such as the Sabbath, respect for learning, traditional foods, and her family's strong emotional and spiritual ties to Israel. Unfortunately, the author's use of the term "Wailing Wall" is no longer widely accepted; the preferred designation among Jews is now "Western Wall." The religious denomination represented is not identified, but a traditional, though not necessarily Orthodox, orientation is indicated. An informative full-color or sepia photograph faces each page of text. A useful and accessible book for children of all backgrounds.

Description from School Library Journal

Jewish Synagogue

By Angela Wood
Jews visit a synagogue to worship God and practice their faith. This book explores what happens inside a synagogue and introduces young readers to the basic beliefs and practices of the Jewish faith.

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Moshe Mendel the Mitzva Maven and His Amazing Mitzva Quest
A fun-filled, colorful, large-format book in which dozens of mitzvos are hidden among the detailed illustrations of familiar Jewish scenes.

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Humongous Pushka in the Sky
This could easily be called "my first book of tzedakah." Danny gives a fanciful twist to this charming read-aloud book colorfully illustrated by Garth Potts. It's full of day-dreaming and dragons-animals and ice cream, but most of all, it teaches the youngest reader about mitzvah-caring.

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We Are One Family

By Reva Rubinstein
The text and photographs in this book present the message that all Jews are part of one Jewish family. It portrays Jews from other parts of the world, Jews with physical disabilities, Jews who are converts, and Jews of different ages.

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The Bravest Fireman
After young Ari witnesses the fire department's efforts to squelch the flames in a burning house, he dreams of being "the bravest and strongest fireman." What makes Ari's ambitions a bit different from those of many other children is his Jewish faith; he believes that Hashem alone can give him the strength to do such an important and dangerous job. Zytman's brief, suspenseful story emphasizes the Jewish principle of performing mitzvos, or acts of service and obligation, for others. Placing this idea in the context of a common scenario proves an effective way to define a sophisticated concept for very young children.

Description from Publishers Weekly

Tuvia's Train That Had No End
The Rabbi isn't feeling well so Tuvia and her friends construct a train with cars decorated to illustrate the Jewish commandments. They learn that one good deed leads to another.

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And 37 Other Principles to Live By
Twenty-five years after starting his odyssey into the world of Tzedakah and Mitzvahs, Danny Siegel has discovered many patterns that define and describe Mitzvah opportunities and allow people to quickly respond and achieve great acts of Tikkun Olam.

Readers of Danny Siegel's other volumes on Tzedakah and Mitzvahs have met the heroes and learned from their experiences. Now, in his latest book, 1+1=3 and 37 Other Mitzvah Principles to Live By, Danny provides the blueprints for all of us to follow in our personal quest for Tikkun Olam. Whether you are a teacher, a parent, a student or just someone who wants to change the world, this book will guide you in that quest.

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Fins, Feet, and Wings, and Other Animal Things

By Yaffa Ganz
Gives a unique view of all kinds of animals and their place in the world according to Jewish lore and history.

Description from Publisher

Eli And His Little White Lie
It all began as a cute little fluffy white lie but it soon got out of hand. Until Eli decided to tell the truth.

Description from Publisher

A Very Special Yarmulke

By Leah Dolinger
The endearing story of a little boy and his very first yarmulke. With full-color illustrations.

Description from Publisher

Get Well Soon - A Bikur Cholim Story

By Dina Rosenfeld
Little Eli would love to visit all the people he knows who aren't feeling well and try to cheer them up. But germs and hospital rules and doctor's orders get in his way. Will Eli ever be able to do the important mitzva of Bikur Cholim?

Description from Publisher

Tales of the Tongue:
Parables, stories, guidelines, and teachings of the Sages on proper speech

By Esther Ehrenreich & Chaya Kahan
Advice and stories about people who mastered the urge to speak ill of others.

Description from Publisher

Critter Crackers: Sofer
A Jewish scribe explains in detail how he shapes the Hebrew letters he uses in transcribing the Torah and how he prepares the scrolls themselves.

Description from Publisher

The Scribe Who Lived in a Tree
Two children visit the home of a scribe and get to see and learn about the writing of a Torah. Beautifully conveying Judaism's warmth to the young ones.

Description from Publisher

Bagelhead to the Rescue

By Michael A. Farber & Anne K. Farber
This book stimulates young minds thru 4 true-to-life adventures which bring to light Jewish holidays and symbols. Kids learn valuable lessons with read-aloud stories. Thought-provoking questions stimulate lively discussions throughout the book.

Description from Publisher

Lively Legends -- Jewish Values :
An Early Childhood Teaching Guide

By Miriam P. Feinberg & Rena Rotenberg

Brochos Boy

My Book:
Growing up with family and friends.
Remember the days of old;
Understand the years of the generations;
Ask your father so that he may tell you,
Your elders so that they may explain it to you.
(Devarim 32:70)

My Book ... Growing up with Family and Friends is a comprehensive family album for the Jewish child. Designed by Yaffa Ganz and beautifully illustrated by Liat Benyamini Ariel, it is a chronicle of each family’s unique history and a record of each child’s personal story. It will keep alive "the days of old... the years ofthe generations". The attractive pages will contain a treasure-trove of family, friends, hopes, memories, activities and occasions. It is a child’s archive of the past and present and a legacy for generations to come.

Description from Publisher

Mitzvos We Can Do
Regret for wrong deeds, the lighting of Shabbos candles, and other mitzvos or Jewish commandments introduce the alphabet and words in the Hebrew language in this beautiful book filled with full-color illustrations and catchy rhymes.

Description from Publisher

Mitzvah Mouse:
Children Do Good Deeds
Meet Mordechai the Mitzvah Mouse, David's new flying friend!

Mordechai the Mouse loves munching on toast and raspberry jam, riding a bicycle, jumping in piles of leaves, and flying through the air. What's more, Mordechai the Mitzvah Mouse loves showing David and his friends that doing good deeds is the most fun of all!

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Look What I See! Where Can I Be? At the Synagogue
Celebrate Jewish Family Life with Baby!

Join Baby as she explores the practices and traditions of Judaism with her family. Each day, she wakes up and sees a special object-a Kiddush cup, a shofar, a braided candle, a Torah. Then, with a turn of the page, a lively scene reveals the object in context, opening the door to a world of spiritual exploration.

With simple words and detailed photographs, young children will share Baby's delight as she examines the religiously significant items and people in the synagogue. Explanatory text is provided for adult reference.

The fifth book of the Look What I See! Where Can I Be? series, At the Synagogue introduces children-both Jews and non-Jews alike-to the richness of Jewish celebrations. Children and adults will gain an appreciation of the symbolism and beauty of Judaism's heritage. Perfect as a springboard for multicultural discussions in the classroom as well!

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