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Esther & the Mighty King

By Alice Joyce Davidson

(Board Book)
The good king listened to her, Stopped the plan without delay, And Queen Esther saved her people Who rejoiced that very day! The king made Esther his wife, but G-d had even bigger plans for her than being a queen. A story about the amazing ways G-d can use those who trust him. Children ages 4 and under will adore these colorful sturdy board books. Each specially shaped, die-cut book offers bright, four-color illustrations and rhyming verses that make favorite Bible stories come alive to young minds.

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Queen Who Saved Her People: Book of Esther
In long-ago Persia, a land like a dream, King Ahasuerus decreed that the cream of all the young maidens be brought to his throne, and from them he promised to choose one alone. She'd reign as his queen, and she'd be his dear wife. (What girl wouldn't love to live that sort of life?)

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Hurray! It's Purim!

By Shoshannah Rick
This is a book of Purim activities for children: cutting, drawing, cooking and all sorts of things children love to do. These lovely activities entertain as well as teach the children the story of Purim and the holiday's symbols.

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More Than Beautiful! :
The Story of Esther

By Marilyn Lashbrook
These are very well written Bible story books that my children choose to read again and again... and I really like the values my kids are learning. "More Than Beautiful" is the story of Queen Esther, from the time she came to Persia until the Jews are saved from genocide. The great thing about this book is it doesn't just tell the story, it asks, "what would you do?" And it emphasizes that Esther's faith, wisdom and courage made her truly beautiful.

Description from Amazon.com Customer Review

Esther: A Brave Queen

By Linda J. Sattgast

Purim Parade

By Judyth R. Saypol

Megillath Esther

By Dovid Landesman (Translator)
The megillah, lavishly illustrated in full color with a new, simplified translation.

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Megillat Shushan
The Purim story in "comic-book" style, perfect for children. Includes activities and coloring-in pages

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Make Me A Match:

By Diana Lederman
Match the pictures with the correct words. Itís a game, a book and a learning tool. An exciting way for kids to learn about Jewish life & holidays. Full color in Hebrew, English and transliterated English

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