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A Touch of the High Holidays: A Touch and Feel Book

(Board Book)

By Devorah Glazer
The High Holidays offer a wide variety of experiences and sensations: The bumpiness of an etrog, the soft velvet feel of a Torah scroll cover, the stickiness of honey dripping from an apple. Now, this whole world of sensations has been made available to the curious young child’s fingertips.

Veteran preschool educators and parents have long known that toddlers and preschoolers learn through hands-on experiences. A Touch of the High Holidays introduces the three-and-under crowd to the meaning of these special days through a series of textured holiday symbols. Simply put, touch strengthens Jewish identity while offering welcome respite from the "don’t touch!" world of the young child.

Author Devorah Glazer leavens her informative text with gentle verse – a plus for parents who will be fulfilling requests to read this little gem over and over again. Glazer originally wrote the book for her sons, ages three and one, after her search for a hands-on holiday book came up empty: "I have always been fascinated with the way children are open to creating worlds through words, and I wanted to write a book that would enhance their Jewish identity that was also very interactive," said Glazer, a Brandeis University graduate.

In addition to the innovative tactile areas, the vivid and polished illustrations are simple yet exquisite. This compelling artistry is a specialty of the Seva group, a cooperative of illustrators who use computer-driven graphic design techniques to give their drawings an inner glow. Seva artists have illustrated 14 books, as well as zany cartoons and portraits, which appear in major international publications.

Laminated board pages were constructed to withstand tossing, tearing, and teething. Textured pieces were firmly attached and tested for safety, ensuring that A Touch of the High Holidays will last through many joyous seasons.

Description from Publisher

Selichot: A Family Service
Creative, attractive, and affordable prayer book for Selichot. Built around the concepts of tefillah (prayer), teshuvah (repentance), and tzedakah (sharing), the service includes readings to challenge older children and adults, and stories and pictures to capture the attention of young children. Words and music to original high holiday songs and take-home ideas.

Description from Publisher

Rosh Hashanah: A Family Service
Creative, attractive, and affordable prayer book for Rosh Hashanah. Built around the concepts of tefillah (prayer), teshuvah (repentance), and tzedakah (sharing), the service includes readings to challenge older children and adults, and stories and pictures to capture the attention of young children. Words and music to original high holiday songs and take-home ideas.

Description from Publisher
The Shofar Calls to Us
The Shofar Calls to Us

(Board Book)

By Judyth Saypol Groner
Tekiyah, shevarim, teruah! Listen to the shofar welcome the New Year

Description from Publisher

A Rosh Hashanah Walk

By Carol Levin
Come march with me, just point your toes
I'll take you where the water flows.
It's fun to sing a tashlich tune
On Rosh Hashanah afternoon.

A charming rhyme that explains the Rosh Hashanah custom of tashlich, symbolically tossing one's sins into a stream of flowing water.

It's Rosh Hashanah

(Board Book)

By Ellie Gellman
It's a New Year. Benjy and Sara have grown. They can do many new things this year. What new things can you do?

Description from Publisher

My Very Own Rosh HaShanah

By Judyth Robbins Saypol
Introduces the traditions of Rosh Hashanah with a home service for the holiday.

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur
(True Books)

By Dana Meachen Rau
These High Holy Days have been celebrated for thousands of years. The incredible history, rich traditions, deep signifigance, and unique foods of this time of remembrance, celebration, and renewal are explored.

Description from Publisher
All About Rosh Hashanah
All About Rosh Hashanah

All About Yom Kippur
All About Yom Kippur
My Very Own Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur updated for a new generation of children -- with full color illustrations and gender-neutral language. Each book includes an explanation of holiday traditions at home and in the synagogue, interspersed with classic folk tales based on the themes of repentance, renewal, and forgiveness. Books include words and music to songs and blessing recited around the holiday table.

Tales from the Gemara :
Rosh Hashanah / Yom Kippur / Succah (Vol 3)
Stories from the Talmud, dramatized for children.

I Only Like What I Like

By Julie Baer
His full name is Dewey Jackson Braintree-Berg and he only likes what he likes. He only likes one certain black and white cat. He only likes an apple if it's red. And he only likes one particular yellow and white house. You'd think that a boy with such set likes and dislikes would hardly ever have any fun, wouldn't you? So on Monday, when Dewey, who will only eat noodles shaped like letters, is invited for dinner and sits facing a bowl of squiggly green macaroni, what can he do? How can he eat? And what are those wriggly green squiggles anyway?

Description from Publisher
Bollix Books makes its debut as publisher of this clever picture book. Author-illustrator Julie Baer's full page collages are its most prominent feature, creating impressionistic portraits of a little boy's willingness to change his mind. Mommy cuts up red and green and yellow apples for Jewish New Year and “I got to squeeze the honey bear!” Each vignette is illustrated with a full page picture – described as cut-paper collages using found imagery and hand-painted rice paper – filled with vivid colors, lines, shapes, faces, and human and animal images, each surrounded by a border and resembling quilts. The effect is both personal and symbolic, drawing the reader into a young child's imaginative perceptions of his small world. The Jewish content is presented as a natural and integral – if not major - part of that world.

Description from Jewish Book World

Experiencing something new is the theme of this picture book. Two incidents during Dewey’s week tell us that he is Jewish: he tries green and yellow apples when his family dips them in honey for the Jewish New Year, and he learns to like apartment buildings when visiting his grandmother for “Sabbath pizza” on Friday. Baer’s artwork is gorgeous. Complex combinations of painting and collage grace each page with rich colors, unusual points of view, and beautiful borders... This book will probably be most successful in settings where adults read it aloud to 3-4 year old.

Description from Association of Jewish Libraries Newsletter

High Holidays in Song
Audio cassette

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