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The Story of Shabbat

By Molly Cone
Commanding acrylic paintings by Emily Lisker vibrantly interpret Cone's gracefully composed text, originally published in 1966 as The Jewish Sabbath. The history and customs of this weekly Jewish holiday are shown to evolve around the need for a time of rest. Thus, the Sabbath became a day dedicated to doing no work. Study, especially of the Torah, is one customary activity of the day, allowing the mind as well as the body to be renewed. Legends surrounding the magic of Shabbat are incorporated into the text, as is the tradition of Havdalah, the beautiful, brief ceremony that concludes Shabbat. A recipe for making challah, the traditional braided white bread prepared for Shabbat, and instructions for making a challah cover from paper napkins round out this attractively presented volume.

Description from Booklist

It is Friday evening, and the sun is about to set. If you are Jewish, you are probably getting ready to light candles, say blessings, and eat delicious food. What is the special occasion? It is the Sabbath, or the Day of Rest.

The Bible tells how God created the world in six days, and on the seventh day God rested. This day was called the Sabbath.

Molly Cone's clear, informative text and Emily Lisker's warm paintings present the cultural and historical origins of the Sabbath and the many meaningful traditions that are still practiced today. Instructions for making your own challah bread and challah cover round out this celebration of a very special day of thanks, rest, and renewal.

Description from Publisher

The Shabbat Book - A Weekly Giude For The Whole Family

By Joyce Klein
Thank you to Ms. Klein for taking the sometimes difficult, sometimes dry, and sometimes "mature" nature of the weekly Torah portions and making them accessible to kids. I use it with my own young children, who love the "claymation" art, and also with my Religious School third graders in my Torah lesson.

Description from Customer Review

Fishy Friday

By Sashi Fridman
Catch the excitement of Fishy Friday. Set out into the deep blue and discover the world of kosher fish. Dive into the action of a fishy Friday, enjoy a whimsical tour of the watery world of fish and fishermen. It happens in lakes and oceans everywhere, tails swish as they race, fish splash each other in the face. Snapper, cod, and whitefish wade in the pre-Shabbat Sea Parade. The kosher fish themselves (a brief explanation of the signs of a kosher fish are included) compete to join in the Shabbat celebration.

Sashi Fridman’s (author of Living Letters, and When I Fell Into My Kiddush Cup) delightful underwater rhyming tale makes learning about Shabbat fun and exiting for children. The beautiful saturated watercolor illustrations by former Gap artist, April Stewart Klausner, will draw even the nonreader back to this book again and again. Fishy Friday is that rare children’s book that entertains and instructs. It is a perfect melding of the visual and the verbal, a pleasure to read. It will be a treasure to any child and will no doubt make a splash amongst parents!!

Description from Publisher

When I Fell into My Kiddush Cup

By Sashi Fridman
A boy falls into his Kiddush Cup and he is transported to Kiddush Cup Land. Don't miss the excitement of this new classic.

A fanciful adventure is related in rhyme by a youthful narrator who has apparently made full use of the leisurely time that precedes Friday night Kiddush. A journey through a veritable wonderland of Kiddush cups establishes the essential (and temperate) place held by wine in Jewish tradition and practice. Attractive and whimsical illustrations enliven every page and enhance the story.

Description from Publisher
Building Jewish Life: Shabbat

By Joel Lurie Grishaver
In this volume we learn that Shabbat is a time of recreation, when we can become "re-created." We discover that Shabbat ends with a ceremony called Havdalah, which teaches us that someday the peace of Shabbat will be every day and not just once a week.

Day of Delight :
A Jewish Sabbath in Ethiopia

By Maxine Rose Schur
Set in Ethiopia, this book not only explores how the Jewish Sabbath is celebrated in a far-flung land, but also gives us a glimpse of a vanishing cultural group, the Falasha, and their way of life. In a quiet, yet joyful story, Menelik, the son of a blacksmith, talks about the black Jews in his small community as they earn their living weaving, farming, and shaping iron tools and as they prepare for their Sabbath. Pinkney's sturdy, attractive painted scratchboard illustrations catch the reverence and the everyday detail without a hint of sentimentality. A fine choice for the multicultural shelf, this will also have children who celebrate Shabbat in the U.S. eagerly comparing their own holiday with Menelik's. A glossary and pronunciation guide are included, as is an author's note explaining Ethiopia's black Jewish population.

Description from Booklist
A Sense of Shabbat
A Sense of Shabbat

By Faige Kobre
A potentially valuable asset to celebrating a traditional Jewish Sabbath. . . . The childlike aspects of the book are vivid, and the black-and-white photos candid in depicting children's sensual delight, from handling sticky dough to drinking wine that 'slurps and slips and glides into the cup.'

Shabbos Is Coming! We're Lost in the Zoo

By Devorah-Leah Garren
A Shabbos Adventure! Moshe and Sarah visit the zoo one Friday afternoon-but they forget the time and can't find their way home. It's almost Shabbos-what will they do? The animals-who are busy preparing for Shabbos-help the children regain their path and teach them a valuable lesson. Adapted from the Judaica Press' classic Lost in the Zoo on Erev Shabbos, this book combines the familiar, beloved text with all-new gorgeous artwork. Lively rhyme and adorable full-color illustrations make this the perfect first book to teach children about Shabbos!

Description from Publisher

Moshe and Sarah are lost in the zoo on a Friday afternoon as Shabbat is approaching. The clock hands on the sun mark the time passing as the brother and sister ask a variety of animals for help in finding their way out. The animals ignore the children because they are too busy in their own preparations for the Sabbath to help. Two hours later, the giraffe finally puts the children on the right path, and they arrive home just in time for their pre-Shabbat bath.

from School Library Journal

Bim and Bom:
A Shabbat Tale

By Daniel J. Swartz
Bim, a housebuilder, and her brother Bom, a baker, live on opposite sides of town. All week long they work hard and don't get to see each other, but on Shabbat they can spend the day together. A charming Shabbat fantasy based on the popular children's folk song.

Description from Publisher

The Sabbath Lion :
A Jewish Folktale from Algeria

By Howard Schwartz
When young Yosef travels to Egypt to claim an inheritance for his poor family, a greedy caravan leader leaves him stranded in the desert. His faithful observance of the Sabbath, the day of rest for Jews everywhere, results in a miraculous rescue by a magnificent lion. The illustrations provide a colorful, if idealized, setting for this inspirational tale.

From Horn Book
How Yussel Caught the Gefilte Fish
How Yussel Caught the Gefilte Fish: A Shabbos Story

By Charlotte Herman
Here is a story that beautifully combines the adventurous spirit of a father-son outing with the quiet inner joy of the Sabbath. Yussel loves gefilte fish—those large, delicious fish balls that Mama serves on Friday night at the Shabbos meal. Early every Friday morning, Papa leaves to catch the fish. And now, finally, Yussel is old enough to accompany him. At dawn they set off, and soon Yussel has caught a fat, gold-colored fish. "Nice and zaftig. It reminds me of your Aunt Goldie," says Papa. But since it's not round like a fish ball, Yussel is disappointed it's not a gefilte. And when he catches a trout (lively like cousin Hannah Rose) and a pike (stubborn like Uncle Harry), he's disappointed, too. What will they do without gefilte fish for the Shabbos meal? In this gently humorous story of wide reach and warm words, Charlotte Herman evokes that remarkable feeling of a child's growing participation in a family occasion. Katya Krenina captures Yussel's moods—and his final fuller understanding—with illustrations shot through with the light of early morning and of Shabbos candles.

Description from Publisher

You can almost taste the Sabbath spice in Charlotte Herman's How Yussel Caught the Gefilte Fish: A Shabbos Story. This charming tale of a little boy who goes fishing with his father but is disappointed when he doesn't catch any gefilte - until he helps his mother transform the fish into the classic Shabbat dish - reveals the miracle of Sabbath peace.

from The Jewish Sentinel review - May 14-20, 1999

Dovy And The Surprise Guests

By Goldie Golding
Dovy was really eager to have some Shabbos guests. One Friday his luck had simply run out. But ...

Goldie Golding brings her charming cast of characters to once more save the day. Dovy and the Suprise Guests is an enchanting tale about real hospitality. Come on in -- the story is piping hot!

Description from Publisher

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