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Sammy Spider's First Shavuot

By Sylvia A. Rouss and Katherine Janus Kahn
Awards: Sydney Taylor Award Notable Book of 2009

“What’s a recipe?” Sammy Spider asks his mother as he watches Mrs. Shapiro measure milk and flour. It was almost Shavuot and Mrs. Shapiro was making blintzes.

“It’s a list of instructions,” Mrs. Spider explains. “FIRST she’ll make the pancakes, THEN she’ll add the filling, and FINALLY she’ll roll them up.”

As Sammy follows the holiday preparations, young readers will learn how the Torah, which was given on Shavuot, is also a “recipe for life.”

Description from Publisher

How nice to have Sammy Spider back! In this newest addition to the Sammy Spider picture books on holidays, young readers learn about Shavuot, the holiday where God gave the Torah to Moses. As Mrs. Shapiro prepares for Shavuot by making blintzes, Sammy and his mother watch from their web on the kitchen ceiling. Mrs. Spider explains to Sammy what a recipe is, and points out that "Shavuot celebrates the first fruits of spring ", so Mr. Shapiro is preparing strawberry topping for the blintzes. When Josh bursts into the room carrying a little Torah, Rouss draws the parallel through Sammy's discussion with his mother that, like the instructions in a recipe, the Torah contains the instructions, or rules, to become a recipe for life. She tells him "it includes the story of the Jewish people, and has rules about how to treat others with love, kindness, and respect." Kahn's colorful, bright paper-cut illustrations accent the text, which is age- appropriate and just right for explaining Shavuot to young children. The story ends with a concise explanation of the holiday. It notes that the meaning of Shavuot is "weeks," so the holiday is called The Feast of Weeks, and since the words of Torah are said to be as sweet as milk and honey, it is traditional to eat dairy, such as blintzes, on Shavuot. A step-by-step recipe for blintzes is included. This is highly recommended as an addition to the very few books explaining Shavuot that are available for young readers.

Description from Jewish Book World Magazine

A Mountain of Blintzes

By Barbara Diamond Goldin
Each spring Sarah, Max, and their children look forward to celebrat-ing Shavuot with a mountain of delicious blintzes. But this year Sarah and Max are worried. Their pockets are empty, and with no extra money to spare, how can they afford to make a special treat like blintzes? Join Barbara Diamond Goldin's funny, big-hearted family in preparation for Shavuot, the Jewish holiday celebrating the day Moses received the Ten Commandments, and discover-as they do in a way that's sure to spark giggles-the true meaning of cooperation.

Description from Publisher

A delightful and satisfying tale celebrating the Jewish holiday of Shavuot. According to tradition, Jews are supposed to eat dairy foods to commemorate the day that Moses received the Torah on Mount Sinai, and hardworking Sarah would love to make a mountain of cheese blintzes for her husband and five children. However, with such a large family to feed, she cannot afford to buy all the ingredients, until she comes up with an ingenious plan. For the two weeks preceding the holiday, she and her husband will each work a little extra, every day putting their additional earnings into a special coin box. With both of them saving a little each day, surely they will have enough by Shavuot. Of course, neither Sarah nor Max part with the extra coins, each rationalizing that the other will do so. Ultimately, it is their resourceful children who provide the ingredients for the celebratory mountain of blintzes. Loosely based on a traditional Chelm tale, this story is set in the Catskills in the late 1920s, providing a charming small-town locale for the sunny watercolor illustrations. Utilizing a bright, friendly palette and endearing pink-cheeked characters, the illustrations tell an amusing story within a story, as the children find their own ways to contribute to the Shavuot table. Background notes and recipe are included.

Description from School Library Journal

Shavuos With Bina, Benny, And Chaggai Hayonah
Join Bina, Benny and their winged friend, Chaggai the holiday dove, in these fun-filled adventures explaining the background and observance of the Jewish holidays.

Description from Publisher

Jewish Holidays in the Spring

Describes Passover, the Seder, and lesser feasts such as Purim, Yom Ha-Atsma'ut, Lag B'Omer, and Shavuot

My Very Own Shavuot Book

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