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The Sukkah that I Built
By Rochel Groner
"This is the Sukkah I built by myself. . ." or is it? A young child joins in the rollicking fun of hammering the walls, climbing the ladder and putting schach on the family sukkah. The "House that Jack Built" refrain is perfect for reading aloud.

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The House on the Roof:
A Sukkot Story

By David A. Adler
Despite the protests of his landlady, an old man builds a Sukkah for himself and his grandchildren on the roof of an apartment building.

"Off my roof!" the landlady yelled at the old man, but he would not take down the wonderful sukkah he had hammered, sewed, and polished to celebrate the fall harvest holiday. How does the wise judge rule?

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Succos With Bina, Benny, And Chaggai Hayonah

By Yaffa Ganz
Join Bina, Benny and their winged friend, Chaggai the holiday dove, in these fun-filled adventures explaining the background and observance of the Jewish holidays.

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Sukkot: A Family Seder
A Family Seder
A Sukkot celebration with traditional blessings for the candles, wine, challah, sukkah, lulav and etrog. Plus original and innovative "four questions" to explain the history and customs of this harvest festival. Perfect for home, school, and congregational use. With songs, music, Hebrew translations and transliterations.

The Sukkah and the Big Wind

By Lily Edelman
Though he has trouble learning and participating in the synagogue services, Daniel discovers that his talent for playing the flute enables him to pray to G-d in his own way.

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Yedidya and the Esrog Tree

By Yaffa Ganz
All about a charming but stubborn boy in far-away Australia who is determined to have his own esrog.
Simchat Torah
Simchat Torah:
A Family Celebration
Presents a family service for Simchat Torah, the holiday marking the end of the reading of the Torah and beginning it again. Some prayers are in both Hebrew and English.

Simhat Torah

By Norma Simon

Sukkos with the Cohen Family

By Menucha Fuchs
The Children's Learning Series is designed to encourage young readers. Packed with amusing, educational stories and written in clear and concise language, these books teach children to enjoy reading while showing them the beauty of performing mitzvos and helping family, friends and neighbors. For boys and girls ages five through ten.

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