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Come, Let Us Be Joyful :
The Story of Hava Nagila

By Fran Manushkin
It is a fine thing to be joyful. And is anything more joyful than coming home after a long journey? I'm going to tell you a story about a song and a journey home that took two thousand years!"

So begins this charming picture book which brings to life the real history of Hava Nagila -- a song that is sung at Jewish simchas and baseball games alike! Learn how this soulful, Jewish tune began while journeying towards the building of the state of Israel. Meet Professor A.Z. Idelson and his young student Moshe Nathanson who, by making "a sad song happy," created the joyful tune of Hava Nagila. As you read this story, don't be surprised if you start humming this familiar tune along with the joyful characters that Fran Manushkin has created--the fisherman on the Red Sea, the young girls in Jaffa, the kibbutzniks around the campfire and others.

Description from Publisher

Chicken Soup by Heart

By Esther Hershenhorn
It was a very nice Sunday in the middle of spring, in the middle of breakfast, when Rudie Dinkins heard his mama say that Rudie's sitter, Mrs. Gittel, had the flu.

With his mother's help Rudie cooks a batch of chicken soup using Mrs. Gittel's secret ingredient: sweet memories of their friendship! And soon Mrs. Gittel, the Chicken Soup Queen, is feeling good as new!

Esther Hershenhorn's charming and poignant story accompanied by Rosanne Litzinger's warm, colorful illustrations will leave you craving your own tasty bowl of Chicken Soup by Heart in this heartwarming tale of friendship.

Description from Publisher

Mr. Belinsky's Bagels

By Ellen Schwartz
Mr. Belinsky knows how to make bagels, and that's what he makes, bagels. His regular customers don't miss a day buying their favorites, and Mr. Belinsky's hands always know the perfect recipe for each variety. Then a fancy new bakery opens across the street, and a parade of eager customers buy tarts, eclairs, cookies and other treats while Mr. Belinsky's shop remains empty. Is he missing out on something? Must he change his ways to keep up? What happens when those bagel-making hands begin turning out all sorts of goodies? More isn't always better, for the customers or the magic hands or the satisfaction of the soul, so read this delightful tale yourself and also give it to your young readers. Charmingly illustrated in one-dimensional primary colors, these are the kind of pictures kids might like to copy themselves.

Description from Children's Literature


By Deborah Shayne Syme
A universal theme placed in a Jewish context. One Friday evening at synagogue, the Rabbi states that "Every Jew is G-d's partner in making the world a better place.'' Josh and Jacob are puzzled by this, and decide to ask her just how they can help G-d. On a class field trip to a museum in the city, the two suburban children witness the poverty and homelessness of others, apparently for the first time. They are disturbed, particularly when their teacher tells them that these problems exist because most people don't care. Josh and Jacob care, and decide to do something. The next Friday evening, the two share their ideas and enthusiasm with the Rabbi; she is excited because this is exactly what she meant by a partnership with G-d. The two run off, eager to include their parents in their efforts. This is a serious book, illustrated in a stiff but realistic manner, that defines and discusses a contemporary problem of major concern. Although it lacks subtlety, it will be useful as a springboard for group discussion about charity.

Description from School Library Journal

The Always Prayer Shawl

By Sheldon Oberman
When Adam's family leaves Russia for America, his grandfather gives Adam his prayer shawl. As Adam grows up, marries, and becomes a grandfather himself, many things change, but the prayer shawl is constant and will be passed on to his own grandson, Adam. The illustrations move from shades of black and white to full color. The effective and touching family story helps define the immigrant experience.

from Horn Book

The Jewish Paper Doll Book

By Phyllis Amerikaner
Glue a photo of a kids face to the face of these paper dolls, color the outfits and let them picture themselves observing special Jewish holidays and traditions.

The Complete Jewish Songbook for Children

By Richard Step
Bring Jewish culture and history into your home or classroom with this comprehensive collection of children's music! Over 300 pages, this book features more than 200 songs that highlight stories from the Hebrew Bible (like the Maccabees, Esther and Jonah), encourages civic values through ethical teachings, and teaches the traditions of the Jewish holidays.

Description from Publisher

Kippa the Dancing Duck

By David Goodman
Ari is on his way to Shofarville's animal talent fair when he meets a sad duck named Kippa who feels "just so ordinary." But Kippa soon makes a charming discovery that he and all of Hashem's creatures are "special."

Description from Publisher

Red, Blue, & Yellow Yarn:
A Tale of Forgiveness

By Miriam Kosman
It is the story of crime and punishment (although on a much lesser scale!). The story tells of young Donny, who must be on his best behavior since his Bubby (grandmother) has come for a visit, and who can't seem to stay out of trouble. When Donny finds his grandmother's red, blue and yellow yarn lying on the bed, it's just too tempting not to play with it. The yarn, as you can imagine, gets all tangled up and Donny's mother is livid. But his Bubby helps him clean up the mess, relating a tale of her own "crime and punishment." It seems that when Bubby was a young girl...she broke a jar of nuts that her grandmother had cracked for hours to make the Passover cake. And, Donny's grandmother continues, her grandmother helped her because -- you guesses it -- she, too, had a committed a "crime" when she was a child. Read the book to find out the particulars. "Red, Blue & Yellow Yarn" is a fun "spin" on an old tale of forgiveness.

Description from The Jewish Chronicle

Mookster's Mitzvah Mishaps

By Chora Nestlebaum
Life for Ari, Bahtya and their parents is never the same after their baby brother the "Mookster" arrives on the scene. Follow the Mookster's adventures as he learns about doing mitzvos--and then does them in his own unique style. You'll laugh out loud as the Mookster gets into one hilarious mishap after another to the dismay of his family but to the delight of every reader. Beautifully illustrated in vivid color, this book captures the charm of the innocent--but deliciously mischievous--Mookster, who will crawl right into your heart to stay.

Description from Publisher

But G-d Remembered :
Stories of Women from Creation to the Promised Land

By Sandy Eisenberg Sasso
Although part of the pleasure of the book lies in its strong feminist voice, [it] also tells good stories; and these will have even more value for the discussions they can generate.

from Booklist September 1, 1995
Starred Review

The Kugel Valley Klezmer Band

By Joan Betty Betty Stuchner
Stuchner (A Peanut Butter Waltz) spins a satisfying small-town story whose endearing, old-fashioned quality is captured equally effectively by Canadian artist Row's lifelike watercolor paintings. Even more than their renowned noodle pudding (or "kugel"), the residents of Canada's Kugel Valley take pride in their klezmer band, a traveling trio that plays at dances, weddings and bar mitzvahs around the countryside. Since Shira, the 10-year-old daughter of the group's clarinet player, longs to play the fiddle, her idol is Isaac, another member of the band and "the finest fiddle player this side of Nova Scotia." The kind man gives her a homemade toy fiddle, along with some time-honored advice: "Practice, practice, practice." And that she does, playing her fiddle faithfully in the privacy of the forest, imitating the music she has heard Isaac play for years. The denouement hardly comes as a surprise when Isaac comes down with a cold, Shira fills in for him at a Hanukkah party and wows the revelers. Mellifluous storytelling and nostalgic yet accessible, animated artwork bring just the right measure of warmth and sentiment to give this tale relevance for today's readers.

Description from Publishers Weekly

Farmer Greenfield's Big City Adventure
(Middos Series)

By Esther von Handel
The Greenfield family learns never to give up.

Description from Publisher

Reb Yitzchak's Jewel:
Rashi's Father Gets A Reward

By Nossen Scherman
Reb Yitzchak throws away a jewel to prevent a sin and is rewarded with the greatest jewel of all. Acclaimed as a perfect 2nd grade reader. An ArtScroll Junior Classic.

Description from Publisher

Savta Shulamit

By Luba Yuviler
Grandma Shulamit plants a radish in her garden and gets more than she bargained for!

Description from Publisher

My Play a Tune Book :
12 Favorite Jewish Songs
Internationally famous "My Play a Tune" books have gone Jewish. It is easy for a child to read the musical notation system & to begin playing on the patented keyboard immediately. 12 songs include: I Have a Little Dreidle, Mi Y’Malel, Adon Olam, Had Gadya, Dayenu, etc.

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