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Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah

By Dr. Marcus Lehman
Rabbenu Gershom, the renowned tenth century Talmudist known to his contemporaries as "Meor Hagolah - Light of the Diaspora," is caught in a web of misfortune that tests his faith and ingenuity to the utmost. His story takes us to the magnificent city of Constantinople. Here, as a talented physician and craftsman, he wins the admiration and confidence of the royal family. He also gains a dangerous enemy, and discovers treachery within his own home. Later in life, Rabbenu Gershom instituted the decree which bears his name: that a Jew may not have more than one wife.

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An Artist You Don't Have to Be:
A Jewish Arts and Crafts Book

By Jo Magnus
This book contains recipes for Jewish arts and crafts relating to such topics as Bible, family, Hebrew, history, Israel, holidays, Shabbat, values, and synagogue

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Biggest Littlest Birthday Cake :
A Mimmy and Simmy Story

By Yaffa Ganz
Two good friends send each other birthday cakes "just for themselves," but find they can not enjoy them until they are shared.

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Baruch the Budgie

By C. L. Grunfeld

Jewish Activity Book

By Jill Dubin
More than 40 different puzzles--illustrated with symbols of the Jewish faith--encourage seekers to find hidden objects, follow dots, tell what's wrong with pictures, circle look-alikes, and more. Captions explain objectives and solutions are included.

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The Little Jewish Stained Glass Coloring Book

By Ted Menten

Little Jewish Stickers

By Jill Dubin

Fun With Jewish Stencils

By Paul E. Kennedy

The Big Book of Great Teaching Ideas:
For Jewish Schools, Youth Groups, Camps, and Retreats

By Shirley Barish
Renowned educator Shirley Barish shares hundreds of fun-filled ideas for teaching Jewish subjects to children from kindergarten to high school. Classroom-tested for more than three decades, Barish's teaching gems are categorized according to age- and grade-appropriate activities and are organized by topic.

From history to holidays, dance to art, drama to song, Barish's ideas make learning what it was always meant to be: downright fun. Topics include:
  • Opening day activities
  • Holiday ideas
  • Symbols, rituals, and concepts
  • Jewish identity
  • Israel.
Teaching ideas include:
  • Drama and storytelling
  • Learning games
  • Art
  • Research projects
  • Discussion activities.
A "Helpful Hints" section for new and experienced educators offers practical tips on classroom management, organizing tzedakah programs, and getting parents involved.

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Let Me Count the Ways :
Practical Innovations for Jewish Teachers

By Carol Oseran Starin
Over the last three years, Carol Starin has written a column for the Torah Aura Bulletin Board. These suggestions for teachers and educators are organized by topic and offer thousands of ideas for classroom management, holiday celebrations, lesson planning, and more.

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Games, Games, and More Games for the Jewish Classroom

By Nachama Skolnik Moskowitz
Over 25 competitive, noncompetitive, kinetic, and cognitive games that classroom teachers can really use! For primary and secondary levels.

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Mendel's Ladder

By Mark Karlins
On the 61st rainless day of the summer, 7-year-old Mendel Moskowitz takes action to save his plants and vegetables. He builds a ladder to the clouds as his family and neighbors watch with amusement and disbelief. When he and his parents climb the ladder, they meet the disgusted Rainmaker, Maxwell Butterbarrel, who refuses to do his job until he is appreciated. Mendel saves the day (and the plants) by giving him a bag of candies. Then they all fly through the sky with ``sparkler wheels'' as the rain comes pouring down. The author has captured the speech and ambiance of Brooklyn's Jewish community, although the story is not specific to one ethnic group and has a wide appeal. The monoprint paintings are large, clearly defined, and add to the fanciful nature of the story. The double-page spread of lightning flashing over New York City is especially attractive. A wonderful read-aloud choice.

Description from School Library Journal

Tell Me a Trudy

By Lore Segal
From the author of Tell Me a Mitzi come three more stories, hilariously illustrated, about that mixture of silliness and seriousness known as family life.

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Ish Kash (Hebrew)

By Hofy Hafouta
The first book in an exciting educational series about a boy made of straw, through whom the author explains our different emotions and personalities.

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Pot Luck

By Tobi Tobias
A lovely celebration of food, friends, and love, this is a delightful story of the night Gram's old friend, Sophie, comes for dinner. Although Rachel hears her tell Sophie over the phone that she'll have to take "pot luck," the preparations for her last-minute visit are energetic and extensive. First there's shopping to do, then cooking, setting the table, and finally getting dressed. As they get ready, Gram tells Rachel a little bit about her life in the old country, when she and Sophie were young. Gram is a hearty, old-fashioned Jewish grandmother--no wilted vegetables, store-bought cakes, or white rice for her! Readers will almost smell the wonderful feast she creates, and they'll sense the special, easy-going affection between Gram and Rachel. The illustrations are warm and cozy, too. A satisfying, flavorful story that will evoke many sweet memories.

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Kings and Things: 20 Jewish Plays for Kids 8 to 18

By Meridith S. Patera
Drama is an ideal technique for helping students to internalize every aspect of Jewish tradition and culture. In this book, you will find plays, both serious and witty, for students in Grades 3-12, about such subjects as Jewish history, values, customs, holidays, and literature. Engage your students in the foolishness of Chelm, spend a few minutes in a cellar in the Warsaw Ghetto, and relive the excitement of 1948 Israel. Revisit the story of Ruth. Get into the rhythm of a Chanukah rap. Determine the most precious thing in the world at High Holy Day time. And through plays about kings and things, act out Jewish values. Plays can be presented with minimum costuming and props for classroom or assembly presentations, at camp or retreats. What a fun way to learn!

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Reward for Loyalty

By Rabbi Nachman of Breslov

The Story of Mimmy and Simmy

By Yaffa Ganz
The Story of Mimmy and Simmy could easily be subtitled The Grass Is Always Greener . . . . Mimmy is a wealthy child with many material possessions. Simmy lives in a "rumpledown'' house with many brothers and sisters, much work to do and few dresses or dolls. They are both unhappy and jealous of each other. In classic "Prince and the Pauper'' fashion, they trade places for one day. Predictably Simmy soon tires of trying on new clothes and playing alone. Mimmy discovers that having lots of siblings can mean not having privacy, free time or new toys. The girls learn to be satisfied with what they have. Adequate pink and yellow illustrations appear on all but one page. The presence of unexplained Hebrew words such as abba, imma and Sukkos make this book most appropriate for Hebrew school libraries.

From School Library Journal

Sharing a Sunshine Umbrella

A Mimmy and Simmy Story

By Yaffa Ganz
When a silly argument turns into a serious fight, Mimmy and Simmy learn the value of peace.

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Shimmee and the Taste-Me Tree

By Shaindel Weinbach
Shimmee is full of questions, and he gets some interesting answers from the Taste-Me Tree.

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Shemot Muzarim

By Shari Dash Greenspan

(Hebrew Text)
“Shemot Muzarim” (Strange Names) begins as a little girl dons her coat in true 5-year-old style by flipping it over her head, waves goodbye to her parents and skips off to kindergarten.

On the way she tells us that nearly all of the children in her gan (kindergarten) were misnamed by their parents. The names are strange, in her opinion, because they just don’t fit – none of the names match the children’s personalities!

For instance, Shira (song) doesn’t like to sing and Avi (my father) isn’t anyone’s father. Sweet, evocative illustrations by veteran artist Avi Katz explore a full day’s activities in this Israeli Gan from arrival through playtime, snack-time, drama and story-time, and witty word play in bouncy rhythm and rhyme by first time author Shari Dash Greenspan reveal the humor in these “strange names.” As the kindegarteners are introduced, kids will love finding them in the accompanying illustrations, especially the one child with the perfect name, whose parents knew exactly how she’d turn out.

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The Incredible Voyage to Good Middos

By Gadi Pollack
It's the amazing, unsinkable, exclusive Gaavatanic, and it's sailing with a deck full of middos-impaired passengers--straight for disaster! But wait! Rabbi Lev Tov is onboard, and he patiently leads the wayward vacationers towards the good middos (character traits) they so sorely need. This outstanding book, the first of its kind, utilizes fabulous full-color illustrations, humorous dialogue, and the vast wisdom of a renowned educator, to teach humility, sensitivity and character refinement to children and adults alike. A superb educational tool for every home and school. Based on the classic, 'Ways of the Tzaddikim'.

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The Lost Treasure of Tikun HaMiddos Island

By Gadi Pollack
Shipwrecked on a desert island, the passengers of the SS Gaavatanic must learn to work together to survive. Their "Incredible Voyage" continues with this exciting sequel.

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